Puffiness Under Eyes: Causes And Treatment Options For Under Eye Puffiness

puffiness under eyes 300x235 Puffiness Under Eyes: Causes And Treatment Options For Under Eye PuffinessEyes are often seen as one of the most attractive features on a person, but when they are accompanied by puffiness and swelling it can make you look exhausted, tired and older than you actually are!

Puffiness under eyes is part of a common process we all go through: aging. While it is a natural process the body goes through, there are causes that may play a factor in the development of under eye puffiness. Understanding these potential causes can help you learn how to treat them with maximum results.

As we age, muscle areas under the skin near the eyes weaken. The skin produces an important chemical called collagen which helps maintain strength in the skin layers. The effects of aging tend to slow down the production of this important chemical with predictable results. The skin areas begin to sag, collect excess fat and retain fluid – creating the puffy appearance.

Potential Causes Of Puffy Eyes

As you might imagine, there are multiple causes that can contribute to the aging process. Experiencing changes in sleep patterns may play a role in several ways. You could be sleeping flat on your back each night; it’s recommended to have your head slightly elevated to keep fluid from building up near the eyes.

Sometimes puffiness is due to hormonal changes in the body. This may promote fluid retention near the eyes and it is common in pregnant women as well. High sodium intake and poor diet may also contribute to under eye puffiness. Lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption may also help move the aging process along. Along with high stress levels, the intake of too much alcohol can have an effect on your hormonal changes in the body. Sometimes puffiness is causes by allergies, heredity, dermatitis and lack of adequate water intake.

How To Reduce Puffy Eyes

Since puffiness is part of a natural process there isn’t much we can do to stop it from happening. The good news is there are several methods that can help reduce the appearance of puffiness and prevent the issue from getting worse. Depending on how the puffiness under eyes was caused in the first place, you can get an idea on what direction you should go in getting the condition properly treated.

There are home remedies and natural options that can help you stop the swelling and drain away fluid associated with puffiness. Tips to try at home include using a cold tea bag, cucumber slices or a cloth rinsed in cold water and placing it over your eyes. Use metal spoons by placing them in the fridge until they are cold and placing them directly on the puffy areas. Try rinsing your face with cool water and gently pat dry. Work toward getting more sleep each night by getting to bed early. Prop your head up slightly with a pillow while resting.

Options to help control fluid retention include reducing salt intake; look for ways to decrease salt in your meals. Seek products and snacks that feature reduced sodium. Healthy options such as cranberry juice, cabbage, raisins, bananas and fresh veggies can prevent or relieve fluid buildup. Regular exercise may also help improve circulation throughout your body.

Puffiness under eyes causes and treatment options should be understood in order to gain desired results. Keep in mind, certain health conditions such as pregnancy, allergies, medications or other health situations may contribute to under eye puffiness so speaking with a health professional may give you additional guidance to work on the issue safely.

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