How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes For A Younger Look

how to get rid of bags under eyes 199x300 How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes For A Younger LookAn understanding of how to get rid of bags under eyes should include reviewing potential causes of the issue itself. Sometimes making changes to your lifestyle or even using certain cosmetic products may help you get the results you are looking to achieve. Some methods may give temporary results or you may have to continue the process for a period of time to maintain your improved look. Whatever the case may be, review as many options as possible to understand how to tackle this frustrating and sometimes embarrassing issue.

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

Bags that appear under the eyes result from muscle areas that have weakened. Fat cells fall forward under skin areas near the eye and loosen skin. The process also contributes to skin swelling and puffiness that becomes visible. Since there are a number of causes including lifestyle habits, environmental factors and heredity that may play a role during aging, understanding how they develop will allow you to choose the best treatment option.

Treatment options include different procedures and techniques that can be done at home or may require the assistance of a health professional. Options include home remedies, cosmetic products such as creams or serums, medicated products such as highly concentrated creams or drugs and surgical procedures. Most of the options can be chosen using personal judgment, but if the problem persists you may need an additional recommendation from your physician.

Are Home Remedies Valid Treatments For Bags Under The Eyes?

Home remedies are often one of the first options many seek when trying to improve the appearance of bags under the eyes. At home, you can use a cold compress which helps reduce the swelling. When you sleep at night, try elevating your head slightly which can also help reduce the appearance of swelling. Some even use a cold spoon under the eye which can give instant results in treating puffiness.

Remedies that are home-based are sometimes seen as inexpensive natural treatment options. Getting enough sleep at night may also help improve your look. Adults are recommended to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep nightly. In addition, elevating your head can help and may include using another pillow or even your mattress. This technique helps prevent fluid retention around the eyes.

Allergies can also be a factor. If you suffer from allergies, you’ll want to look at ways to keep your symptoms under control. There are over-the-counter medicines that can help and you can always talk to your doctor about a stronger medicine available by prescription.

Do Eye Creams And Serums Help With Baggy Eyes?

As you probably know, there are anti-aging products available on the market including creams, serums and lotions that aim to tackle the issue from underneath the skin layers. Products with natural ingredients that are also hypo-allergenic tend to produce the best results. You’ll want to be careful about choosing the right product since many aren’t aware of the kinds of ingredients used in most formula bases. Retinol, alpha hydroxy, vitamin A, vitamin K and several others are common, yet effective ingredients that should be reviewed to understand how they work on your skin to reduce experiencing side effects.

There are multiple medical procedures that may help treat the issue if home remedies, cosmetic products and lifestyle changes to don’t seem to have an effect. Treatments that are often used to treat other visible signs of aging including wrinkles and fine lines may also help treat under eye bags and sagging. Laser resurfacing helps strengthen skin elasticity and improve skin tone. Eyelid surgery helps remove excess fat that accumulates under the eye lid were sagging occurs.

While there are several methods available, deciding how to get rid of bags under eyes may involve using a few of them in combination to get the results you’re looking for. For overall skin health be sure to eat a balanced diet, keep sodium levels low and talk to your doctor about any concerns you have.

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