Argireline – Dr. Oz Recommends As Treatment For Crow’s Feet

Did you see the Dr. Oz show about cheating your age? It aired just a few days ago as I’m writing this (early in February 2012) and had some great tips for looking younger. One of the segments was of particular interest where Dr. Oz talked about Argireline and how it can help with crow’s feet.

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Prior to filming the program, people were asked to look at a picture of this lady named Diana and guess her age. The average of all the guesses came back with Diana being 53 years old. That was 9 YEARS OLDER than her actual age!

I felt sorry for her because she knew she looked older than her age but didn’t know what to do about it. By her own admission she had tried numerous creams to treat the signs of aging around her eyes but none of them seemed to work.

She went on to say she couldn’t afford a face lift but hated the way she looked. Her face was showing the telltale signs of age and she didn’t like it one bit.

Dr. Oz To The Rescue

Dr. Oz assured Diana that she didn’t need a face lift and that there were other things she could do to look younger. Because her eyes were the primary cause of her older look, crow’s feet and bags under the eyes were addressed specifically by the doctor.

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For treating crow’s feet, Dr. Oz recommended a skin care ingredient called Argireline. He described it as working just like Botox but in a cream or serum. Concentrations of 5 to 10% work best and the treatment should be applied 2 times daily.

I was excited to hear this because Argireline is one of the main ingredients found in Elite Serum – and it’s in a high concentration as well. When combined with the other effective ingredients you have a powerful tool in the fight against aging. Click here to learn about Argireline and all the other ingredients contained in Elite Serum.

Help For Bags Under The Eyes

Dr. Oz also offered a couple of easy and inexpensive ways for Diana to treat her under eye bags and puffiness.

First, he advised her to take an over-the-counter antihistamine each day. Next, he talked about something called parsley tea which is a healthy drink containing plenty of antioxidants – but that’s NOT how he suggested using it.

Instead of drinking the parsley tea, the doctor suggested making the tea and then freezing it in an ice cube tray. Each morning Diana could take a cube and put it on her eye bags – the coolness would help reduce puffiness while the antioxidants would help as well.

While I’ve known for some time now that Elite Serum is an amazing under eye serum, it makes me feel good to know that a highly respected professional like Dr. Oz recommends using one of the primary ingredients contained in it. Hopefully this has also helped a lot of women who had no idea about what they should do to help themselves look younger. If you haven’t tried Elite Serum for yourself, you can learn more about it here.

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